iWoW.Media Inc. (USA)
Agilist, Curator, Mentoring UNICORN ideas, (Local-Mobile-Social) LMS Matrix & UI/UX Evangelist
The mind is everything. What you think you become.

~ Buddha

iWoW Tech-Tribe Leader. ICT Genius. Can HACK and CODE anything: from your DIGITAL Aura to an intelligent BOT. 20+ years of Tech-Guerrilla in the Indian Silicon Valley. Hands-on AUGMENTED and VIRTUAL REALITY. Machine Learning to ARTIFICIAL Intelligence. AGILE Scalability to Cognitive SECURITY. Meditates in the CLOUDS. Hangs out in Bollywood and Hollywood.



: Rahul Nanda

: Just a number – 43

: UI/UX, Plan, Hack, Grow, Scale

: guru at iwow.media